A Griddy Story

We’ve had a single mission from day one: To connect people directly to the energy they’re using and empower them to take control of the way they spend their money and energy. This is the Griddy story.

It all started with deregulation

In 2002, Texas opted to deregulate their energy sector to encourage a competitive marketplace and create more choices for consumers. Deregulation and increased competition is intended to lower electricity rates. Unfortunately, in the first two years after the 2002 deregulation, the residential rate for electricity increased by 43%.

Going Griddy

We quickly became frustrated because we knew there was such a simple, cost-effective solution: Remove the middleman and give consumers direct access to the electricity prices their energy providers pay. So we did it. We created a platform that’s extremely simple, transparent, and easy to use so that consumers could pay the actual cost of energy without markups or contracts.

Making members, not customers

The problem: Energy companies want you to use more energy so they can make more money. This didn’t fit into our idea of a technology that promises transparency and useful data. The Griddy answer: A membership-based platform where profits are completely removed from the energy consumers use. The only profits we make are from the low membership cost of $9.99 per month. That way, we can focus on helping you save instead of convincing you to spend.

Your time and energy well-spent

Our goal is to give our members all of the tools they need to make informed choices about how and when to spend their energy—saving them money and time. Everything is built into one simple app, putting all of the power you need right in the palm of your hand.

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