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Put Wholesale to the Test
  If you ever wondered about Griddy but aren’t quite ready to make the switch, then wonder no more. We are now offering a free version of our app so you can experience what it’s like being a Griddy member before making us your official electric provider. So put your feet up, relax and… Be […]
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The 1000 kWh Rates On Power To Choose Aren’t What They Seem
Are you tired of “getting the middle number” from the electric company you found on Power to Choose? When you cruise the Power to Choose website looking for a new cheap electricity plan, your eye is probably drawn to the biggest, boldest numbers that appear in the “Price/kWh” column. Those are the rates each company […]
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Why Electricity Companies With Fixed-Term Contracts Are A Scam
Electricity companies use fixed-term contracts and break fees to lock customers in. Let’s say you want to leave your electricity provider. Their rates sounded good on paper, but once you signed up and started paying bills, you realized they weren’t as low as you were led to believe. Maybe they had confusing tiered rates that […]
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