By: Morgan Harvey

Dogs Need Electricity Too

Hi. I’m Tobias.

My significant owner uses Griddy to get access to wholesale electricity prices – which are 21% cheaper than the Texas average. So he can run the AC all day while he’s at work, knowing I’m taken care of during the summer heat. 

And with all those savings – which is around $440 a year – he can buy me new toys! 

So sign up for Griddy and Keep your dog happy.

Here are 12 more reasons to switch to Griddy:

1. Griddy keep’s your dog’s water extra cool.
2. Your dog can lounge in front of the AC all day and night.
3. She has time to be cute instead of panting in the heat.
4. So cute.
5. He no longer has to put lettuce on his head to stay cool.
6. Now has enough energy to do a happy dance.
7. Enjoys all the extra treats from the savings.
8. Would totally sign you up if he had opposable thumbs.
9. Instead has to wait around for you to do it.
10. Will be so excited when you finally decide to sign up.
11. That she’ll even clean up her mess.
12. And give you extra special cuddles.
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