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Electricity prices

Real-time prices are the cheapest Texas electricity prices.

Electricity prices change every five minutes based on the demand for energy, and the availability of power on the grid. When you become a member with us, you only pay the real-time price of electricity at the time you use it—never marked up.

The real-time electricity price will always save you in the end.

When you get electricity from a traditional provider, they mark up the real-time price so they can make more money. They will also say that a fixed price is the safest choice. However, since they include hidden fees and deceptive pricing, along with the fact that renewable energy is becoming more readily available, the real-time price will always end up being much cheaper than any provider’s fixed price.

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Use our smart energy tools and become more energy efficient.

Our members get access to smart energy tools that connect straight to your smart meter so you get to see the real-time price anytime you want. We engineered Price Alerts to let you know when prices rise and fall and Price Forecasts to give you an idea of what to expect in the future. Now you can adjust your energy usage when you receive alerts to save even more. And even if you don’t, the real-time price will already help you save without even trying.

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You know exactly what you’re paying with prepaid electricity.

When you use the traditional electricity model you only get to know how much electricity you have used every other month—or maybe once per month, if you’re lucky. So by the time you see it all together on your bill, the information is basically useless to you. The prepaid billing model, on the other hand, allows you to see exactly what you are paying for, anytime you want. Plus, since you don’t have a bill, you’re not locked into a contract.

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