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When it comes to electric vehicles, it’s a no-brainer. We’re in. And since we know it can be hard to get all of the information you need just from visiting a car dealership, we thought we’d give you the details ourselves. Here’s what you need to know if you’re thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle or if you already own one.

Don’t fall for the Free Nights trap.

How much will it cost to charge my car? Answering this question depends on your provider and the plan you choose. While many providers offer Free Nights plans, they often bump up the rate the rest of the time, so you end up spending more on average, and you lose out on all of the free and negative pricing that comes with getting the real-time rate.

With our membership, you don’t have to sift through any plans to figure out your potential spending. Instead, we give all of our members the cheapest rate of electricity: the real-time rate. Find out what it will cost to charge your car in your area with Griddy.

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EV owners need 24/7
access to real-time prices.

When you own an electric vehicle, knowing when to plug in is a big deal. That’s why Griddy is the best provider for EV owners: We’re the only electric company providing real-time electricity rates. Our members are able to see the cost of electricity at all times using our smart energy tools, so they know exactly when to charge up or power off. We offer electricity prices straight from the grid—never marked up and never stuffed with hidden fees.

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The complete guide
to EV charging stations.

Even if you figure out how much it will cost to charge up, you’ll likely still have questions. How does home charging work? What are your charging options? How long will it take to charge your car? We’ve got a step-by-step guide to answer all of your car-charging questions.

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Using Solar Panels To Generate Renewable Energy For Electric Vehicle

There’s a lot to learn about electric vehicles,
beyond rates and charging.

We compiled the most frequently asked questions about electric cars, and we ended up with everything from the mechanics to the environmental impact to the everyday fun facts. We’ve got your EV information fix covered.

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Find your next car club.
Or your next car.

Buying or owning an electric car requires more support than buying or owning a standard non-electric car. So whether you’re looking to meet up with other EV owners, you want to find a public place to charge, or you want some additional resources before diving headfirst into your EV purchase, this is your EV support spot.

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Find your local EV association to learn more about electric vehicles in your area.

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Find out what incentives you can get for purchasing or owning an EV.

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If you’re ready to buy an electric car, prepare yourself with our EV buyer guide.

Visit Plugshare for a comprehensive map of public places to charge your electric vehicle.