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How does Griddy work?

Griddy connects you directly to the grid so you get access to the wholesale price of electricity – never marked up. All we charge is a monthly membership subscription and all costs (electricity, TDU delivery, taxes) get passed on to you mark-up free. Oh, and we are technically your electric provider, but that just sounds less cool and totally archaic.

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Can you tell me more about wholesale electricity?

It’s actually pretty neat. See wholesale electricity prices change every five minutes depending on supply and demand. Sometimes the price goes up when everybody is using their AC on hot summer days, and sometimes it goes down when a lot of renewables are on the grid. And that price, whatever it is on the grid at the moment, is the price our members pay.

While the price for electricity tends to stay around 3.1c/kWh (8.9c/kWh for All-in), we do send push notifications to alert you to major changes in the market so you are never caught off guard.

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Are wholesale prices cheaper even with prices spike?

Heck yes, they are! For the past five years, the wholesale price has beat out the Texas Average by 22%. There might be times when prices spike are higher than a fixed rate plan, but those spikes normally last only 5 minutes at a time. Furthermore for every hour that prices spike above $1/kWh, there are 37 hours when prices are negative.

We also send you push notifications when prices go really high (and really low) and integrate with most smart home devices so those devices can automatically shut down when prices are high.

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How does Griddy help me save money?

First off, you save simply by going Griddy and only paying the wholesale price – which is 22% cheaper than the Texas Average.

But for even more savings, you can automate your smart home devices with Griddy’s IFTTT integration. So when prices do spike, you thermostat or other smart devices can automatically turn off. It’s awesome!

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That sounds neat! Can you explain smart home automation and IFTTT a little bit more?

You bet! Our platform allows our members to automate their smart home devices based on the price of electricity. Anytime price spikes happen, your smart home devices can automatically adjust power consumption. We integrated with IFTTT (“if this then that”) which allows you to connect to any number of devices like Nest, Honeywell, ecobee.

You can read more about it here.

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Sounds cool. Can I try this for free first?

You betcha! We offer a free version of Griddy so you can check out the current wholesale price in your area, see how much you can save once you join Griddy and check out the down-to-the-hour usage data we provide.

So be our guest, check it out.

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Getting Started Questions

How do I sign up to become a member?

You can sign up online. It is quick and convenient and there are no credit requirements or security deposits required. However, because we are a pay-as-you-go service you will be charged an initial amount of $49 when you sign up. This amount will be used to pay for your electricity as you use it.

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Any catches like contracts or one-time fees?

Nope! There is no long-term commitment, and if you are not 100% satisfied with our service, you are free to leave at any time with no break fees. Though, once you see those savings, we doubt you will.

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Do I need to pick a plan?

Nope. It’s pretty easy to get roped into a bad plan when there are so many options with so many factors. That’s why we only offer one rate, the wholesale rate.

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It says you are pay-as-you go. How does Griddy bill?

Griddy only provides pay-as-you-go billing, which eliminates all of the costs associated with billing and collections in order to keep the price of membership as low as possible.

Pay-as-you-go works like a toll road pass (EZ Tag, TX Tag, etc.). You establish an account balance of $49 to pay for your future electricity usage. When your account balance reaches the minimum amount of $25, your account is automatically recharged using your card on file. You can customize your recharge amount (from $49 to $500) to better reflect your monthly electricity usage or budgetary needs.

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Do I pay for credit or debit card processing?

Yes. For each credit or debit card transaction, Griddy must pay a processing fee to your credit or debit card provider. This is typically equal to no more than 2.9% + 30¢ per payment. These are passed through to you without markup, and even with this charge, Griddy still remains one of the lowest priced electric providers in the market.

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If I’m designated as a Critical Care Residential Customer or Chronic Condition Residential Customer, can I sign up for Griddy?

Unfortunately, no. To ensure uninterrupted energy service, Texas does not allow Critical Care Customers or Chronic Condition Residential Customers to enroll in a prepaid billing service.

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What is a recharge amount and why am I being billed when my account reaches $25?

Since Griddy offers pay-as-you-go billing, your account will need to be prepaid so that you can pay for electricity as you use it. A recharge amount is the amount you load into your account to prepay for electricity. Once your account balance reaches $25 or less, your card on file will be automatically charged the recharge amount. For example, if you set your recharge amount to $75, your card will be charged $75 when your account balance reaches $25 or less, leaving your account balance at $100.

Your recharge amount will default to $49, but you can change it up to $500 in the app. We recommend that you adjust your recharge amount to equal your average monthly spend. Go to Settings > Recharge Amount to change it.

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I love Griddy so much! How do I add another meter to my account?

Excellent, you have another meter to add! To do so, go to Account and scroll down till you see Add Meter. Then you just go through enrollment.

While all of your meters can be under the same login, each meter is going to have its own monthly membership, payment method and account balance. You will also have separate recharges for each meter which can have different recharge amounts.

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What are those expense categories on the Statement Page?

Your statement is broken down into three parts 1) Wholesale electricity: related to how much you use on the wholesale electricity market 2) TDU Delivery Charges: passed-through costs from your utility and 3) Taxes and Fees: Taxes from your city and state.

Wholesale Electricity

  • Electricity Usage – The amount of electricity you used
  • Ancillary Services – These cover a group of charges related to the purchase of wholesale electricity and passed through without markup.

TDU Delivery Charges

  • TDU Delivery Charges – The cost to transport electricity to your house from your local utility.
  • Any one-time fees from the TDU, like disconnections, meter tampering, meter read, etc., will show up here.

Griddy Membership

  • A monthly cost to get access to wholesale electricity. This is billed in equal daily increments so you aren’t paying a single charge at the start of the month.

Taxes and Fees

  • State Gross Receipts – Miscellaneous fees imposed by local governments
  • City Sales Tax – Sales tax collected by the city
  • PUC Fee – A fee to recover another fee for administering the Public Utility Regulatory Act of 1975 (PUC Assessment).
  • Merchant Services Charge – The cost to process your credit card payment.
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How do I cancel my service?

To cancel service with Griddy you would simply sign up with a new electricity provider and they’ll handle the cancellation for you. Once service is canceled, any remaining balance left on your account will be refunded back to you within 7-10 business days of your cancellation date.

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Who do I contact in the event of an outage?

Your local TDU takes care of outages. You can reach them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the following: But if you are unsure of your TDSP, you can contact us at (800) 993-6207 and we will route you to the appropriate utility.


Utility Outage Reporting Service Requests
AEP Texas North/Central (866) 223-8508 (877) 373-4858
CenterPoint Energy (713) 207-2222 (800) 332-7143
Oncor Electric Delivery (888) 313-4747 (888) 313-6862
Texas-New Mexico Power (888) 866-7456 (888) 866-7456

You can find more information on our Outages page.

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