With Griddy, you’re a valued member—not just another customer.

One transparent rate.

For only $9.99 a month, we give you direct access to real-time electricity prices, so you pay one transparent rate—without any markup. That means you’ll save up to 47% on electricity, compared to your current plan.

No break fees. No hidden fees. No contract.

Pay-as-you-go billing allows anyone to use Griddy. No minimum credit score, no approval process. Simply activate your account with a starting balance of $49, which will be used to pre-pay for your electricity usage. If you’re not 100% satisfied with Griddy, you're free to leave at any time, with no break fees—although we’re confident you'll never want to.

Smart tools that save you even more.

We engineered smart energy tools that connect to your smart meter, providing you with real-time electricity prices and forecasts of future prices. We think everyone should know how much they’re using and saving.

We’ve got your back.

Whether you have a question about the Griddy platform or you just want to complain about your past electric provider, our support team is always here to listen and help.

Switching is easy.

Go Griddy in seconds and we’ll do the rest. No need to talk to your old provider and no interruption to your current service. And to sweeten the deal, we’ll give you the first month of Griddy membership free.

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Hear from
our members.

I'm a huge fan! Nothing but great things to say about the company, customer service, and rates.

Nathan S., Spring, TX

My old energy company called and tried to get me back... I asked her if she had heard of Griddy, she said no. I told her to go the website and call me back and tell me why her deal was better than Griddy... She never called back. That was fun :).

Aubrey H., Spring, TX

The energy pricing is straightforward, and it is saving me money as I expected.

Shawn B., Houston, TX

I really like the app. It makes it super easy to check the current rate and make usage decisions based on that.

Amy F., Houston, TX

Simple interface. Well laid out. Transparent pricing.

Habib M., Houston, TX

I like the ability to track my usage on a hourly, daily or monthly basis.

Edward F., Humble, TX

It has been great. Very easy to switch over to.

Todd F., Spring, TX

It's only been 2 full months, but we've definitely saved and the rate we had previously was extremely low to begin with. Great experience thus far, and we haven't even taken advantage yet of cutting back during posted peak times!

Britt B., Southlake, TX

It is very transparent and it's actually kind of fun to monitor the pricing in real time. Griddy is a very exciting company to be involved with.

Kevin M., Dickinson, TX

The finer points.



No-markup electricity rates


Real-time pricing

Not a chance.

Daily usage tracking

No way.

No added service fees

Wouldn’t that be nice.

High and low price alerts


Green energy management


Simple, jargon-free statements

Funny. But no.

Mobile app

- Limited.

Multi-channel customer service

- Limited.

No contract

- Limited.

No break fees

- Limited.

Pay-as-you-go billing

- Limited.

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