to the only
electric company
connecting Texas
to the real-time rate.

Say goodbye to the middleman profiting on your electricity bill through markups and fees and say hello to Griddy. No matter how much electricity you use, you pay the real-time rate of electricity. Never marked up.

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Benefits unlike any other electric provider.

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Pay the real-time rate of electricity. Never marked up.

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No contract.
No hidden fees.
No break fees.

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Smart energy
tools that save
you even more.

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Switching is easy. Your first month of membership is free.

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We engineered smart energy tools that connect you to the real-time price of electricity, 24/7.

Fixed rates
are false promises.

Fixed rates promise to protect consumers from the ups and downs of electricity prices. But the reality is that even when prices spike, the real-time price nets out far cheaper than any fixed rate. Plus we give our members the option to save even more with our smart energy tools.

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Texas electric providers
turned the power
to choose into the
power to confuse.

There are more than 2,000 energy plans to choose from. It’s pretty easy to get roped into a bad deal when there are so many options with so many factors. That’s why we have one membership with the real-time rate of electricity. Never marked up.

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Hear from
our members.

I saved a ton of money! Makes switching well worth it. Even if you have to pay to get out of a contract with someone else! Do it, it will pay off!

Kritter W. Houston, TX

It cut my bill down to a fourth of what I was paying Reliant and I'm using twice as much! Plus the billing system is super easy...there practically isn't one! HIGHLY recommend.

Drew D. Euless, TX

I’m new to the area, so I can’t compare old bills to my new Griddy bills, but I’m paying significantly less than my friends with similar energy usage!

Judy P. Palm Valley, TX

I'm a huge fan! Nothing but great things to say about the company, customer service, and rates.

Nathan S. Spring, TX

My old energy company called and tried to get me back... I asked her if she had heard of Griddy, she said no. I told her to go the website and call me back and tell me why her deal was better than Griddy... She never called back. That was fun :).

Aubrey H. Spring, TX

The energy pricing is straightforward, and it is saving me money as I expected.

Shawn B. Houston, TX

I like the ability to track my usage on a hourly, daily or monthly basis.

Edward F. Humble, TX

It's only been 2 full months, but we've definitely saved and the rate we had previously was extremely low to begin with. Great experience thus far, and we haven't even taken advantage yet of cutting back during posted peak times!

Britt B. Southlake, TX

No plan is cheaper than the real-time rate.
No markups. No hidden fees. No contract.