Power to Choose Texas

Why did Power to Choose in Texas become so confusing?

What started as an opportunity for Texas residents to compare energy plans, has now turned into a place where retail energy providers take advantage of millions of Texans looking to save on their electricity. There are now more than 2,000 energy plans to choose from, and most are racked with hidden fees and fine print. To say it’s confusing is an understatement. It’s virtually impossible to tell which plan is actually going to give you the best deal. So, allow us to lend a hand as we sort through the industry chaos.

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Unfortunately, deregulation didn’t do its job.

In 2002, Texas opted to deregulate its energy sector to encourage a competitive marketplace and create more choices for consumers. Deregulation and increased competition was intended to lower electricity rates. However, in the first two years the residential rate for electricity increased by 43%.

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Texas REPs are using Power to Choose to confuse you on purpose.

Competition should have driven down prices if consumers knew what the price of electricity was. But in Texas, confusion in the energy industry is the name of the game. There are more than 2,000 plans available to consumers on Powertochoose.com. While the site was designed to help people shop, it ended up making it even easier for electric companies to hide fees and trick consumers into signing up with falsely low rates. Deceptive sign up offers like tiered energy plans or free nights and weekends trick Texans into overpaying for electricity.

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Our platform was developed as a solution to this messy market.

Based on transparency and using smart technology, we are disrupting the energy industry by connecting people to the real-time rate of electricity. With one simple membership, our members are now experiencing the benefit of deregulation and the transparency Power to Choose set out to accomplish.

You don’t need another energy plan.
You need the real-time rate of electricity.